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What is 6Ceed?

What is 6Ceed?

For CEOs and company leaders who are looking to improve organisational performance and deliver results, 6Ceed is a leadership (management) system that provides regular, meaningful, organisation-wide performance data and feedback. Unlike traditional management tools…

6Ceed empowers leaders with ongoing real time data, to inform and initiate change. By engaging and motivating individuals to lead their own change, they create a culture of continuous improvement.



Practically build a Growth Mindset in your Organisation

Webinar with Eric Miller

April 5th 2019

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Are you a business leader wanting to help your leadership develop a Growth Mindset?

Join Eric Miller, to hear firsthand why & how to build a growth mindset in your team or company. Get an evidence-based understanding of, and best practice approach for, developing a Growth Mindset plus. Eric will also unpack common challenges you may face and tools you need as a leader to help others develop a Growth Mindset.

Key Topics discussed in the webinar include;

  • Why develop a Growth Mindset?
  • What is a Growth Mindset
  • Practical Examples
  • Scenarios
  • Developing for Self; Developing with Others
  • Concludes with Practical Steps to get you started and an example Dashboard
  • Live Q&A

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