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High Performance Culture

Rob Murray ex CEO of Lion Nathan talks with Peter Nankervis @ Lighthouse, about the importance of purpose, and creating a high performance culture.

Build Capability

Peter Nankervis @ Lighthouse, about the importance identifying capability gaps and how to improve them to drive better business outcomes.

Align. Change. Empower.

Michael Jordan. Maybe it’s My Fault.

Customer Case Study and Testimonial

Sustainable behaviour change with 6Ceed™

“It enables our leaders to make adjustments to the way they lead without relying on the lag indicator of staff engagement surveys.”


Sally Osborne, COO, Colliers Real Estate Management


  • Business unit comprised of distributed, client site-based staff
  • Insufficient leadership bench strength; Lead Team needed the ‘next level down’ to step up
  • Disparate levels of leadership maturity and capability
  • Feedback poor environment
  • Individually-focused performance in Sales and Customers Service meant that Staff found engaging with leadership was challenging


    • Business 10 Sr. Leaders and 20 Leaders on boarded with 6Ceed development
    • Individual Development connected to Colliers Operating Plan
    • Each Leader selected 5 capabilities for focus (Business Acumen, Decision Making, Communications etc)
    • Leadership behaviours polled over 4 months to assist in development


  • 9% improvement in capability across the cohort
  • 7% year-on-year improvement in employee engagement
  • Culture of feedback emerging
  • Capability Beacnhmarls developed
  • Individual accountability to continue development

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