Responding to the Banking Royal Commission Recommendations : Culture Alignment, Change and Empowerment. - 6Ceed
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Responding to the Banking Royal Commission Recommendations : Culture Alignment, Change and Empowerment.

Responding to the Banking Royal Commission Recommendations : Culture Alignment, Change and Empowerment.

Following the Hayne Royal Commission, Leaders across the Banking, Superannuation, Insurance and Financial Services sectors will lead a mindset change and shift in culture with the empowerment of all levels of management, motivation to change and performance management.

Oliver Wyman states that managing culture is not a one-off event, more a continuous and ongoing effort that must be integrated into day-to-day business operations.

At 6Ceed we believe that if you have the data to measure your capability investments and inform and educate your leaders – you are half way there.

A lost opportunity is when there is no form of ongoing measurement to validate that the learnings from training investments actually stick!

The first thing we ask people who say “but we did all this training last year” is:

  • What are you doing internally to embed the learnings into your organisation?
  • What ROI are you measuring to justify your choice of leadership investment and learning impact?
    If your answer is “nothing” – you are not alone.

Organisations need to continually review, develop and measure the behaviours they are looking to grow and the impact of individuals against company objectives. This is  most effective when done continuously throughout the suite of training programs to ensure that the learnings are embedded through the organization. It’s only then that you will achieve organizational growth and desired operational efficiencies.

We have created and launched 6Ceed as a a capability development technology to inform improvement across the whole business. Typically we start with partnering a team or division in an initial pilot program to scope and measure;

  • Alignment – A focus on aligning individuals with company goals and objectives
  • Empowerment – A focus on empowering the leadership and broader teams
  • Change – A focus on implementing organisational change.

6Ceed gives individuals a method to connect capabilities with business objectives, understand their own development as well as empowering them to lead their own change – drawing on behavioural feedback. It is primarily focused on all People Managers and Leaders. 6ceed’s web-based polling system will help you set, track and improve leadership and capability – contextualized with what is required for your success and, is fully customizable to your business objectives, capability requirements and operating rhythm. It also provides individuals with real-time access to their scores & continuous feedback through the 6Ceed Digital Dashboard.

By deploying 6Ceed we can support you to make the cultural changes in response to the Banking Royal Commission recommendations. If you are interested in a demo, then please get touch with us at [email protected]

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