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The Mindset Advantage

The Mindset Advantage

Building a Culture of Continuous Improvement, Agility and Accountability

Our experience of working across many organisations suggests that all great leaders have a growth mindset.  This mindset means they grow in their roles, and develop successful teams. They assume that talents can be developed and place value on learning, are open to feedback and confident in their ability to cultivate these things in others.

There are however still a great number of leaders in organisations who are fixed in their mindsets, assume that their own talents are set in concrete and place greater value on looking smart to others. Their assumption that talent and intelligence is set leads them to place little value in developing others, which foster a fixed mindset environment.

How do these mindsets impact a business?

In a fixed mindset culture, mistakes and failures are unacceptable to admit. The environment becomes risk adverse, one of preserving status withholding information.

However, in organisations with a growth mindset, accepted failure or mistakes become a way to learn more effectively and improve, as well as come up with solutions to problems that require further development.

Carol Dweck, creator of the Fixed vs Growth mindset concept, cites the collapse of Enron as an example result of a ‘talent obsessed’ fixed mindset culture, where leaders were so focused on looking good, that mistake making and learning became obsolete in the organisational culture.

In contrast, individual leaders with a growth mindset act as ‘multipliers’ by focusing their energy on developing others through evaluation, and feedback to create optimal motivation and teamwork. As they apply their own growth mindset to others in the organisation, they invest in strategies, programs and tools designed to enhance capability. The result is an organisation which is learning and responding to challenges, with a positive and agile culture, and an advantage over competitors.

Lighthouse has created 6CeedTM for CEOs to drive change and accelerate strategy, for HR professionals to benchmark and identify high impact areas for development and for individuals to learn, grow and love what they do. 6Ceed is a leadership platform which is customisable to your business context and objectives, to find out more visit or click on the button below.

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